THE FOOT DIARIES Introduction March 2016


Happy St Patricks Day .

This is my first attempt at blogging ! I've been busy desigining and producing my LIZANNE PILATES website this week, which is now up and running and live !! 

Theres is certainly a lot more to do but at least it's a start. The last attempt at putting a website together ended up on the backburner for a few years. This time I am amazed at how much improved and easier website building has got . This has only taken a few hours to do and is so easy to modify and make changes. Desigining and putting the Website together has made me reaslise even more, how lucky I am to do what I do in my role as a Pilates Instructor. Its a pretty good feeling to absoloutly love what you do and do what you love . 

On this BLOG section, I hope to post interesting articles about Pilates, Nutrition and other cool stuff !!

But...Over the Summer Months from  May, I'll l be facing a New Challenge...major foot surgery, (eek ) so I've decided to keep myself busy when not allowed to race around doing all the activites that are currently part of my daily life and take up some new sedentary based activities like blogging .Therefore, I'm  going to keep busy blogging and logging my progress, both before surgery and after, some which may be a little icky and gorey, emotional and seld indulgent, but heck, lets go for it . !!! so... Im calling this  particular BLOG "THE FOOT DIARIES" ...more to come !!pilatesring.jpg